What we do:

We study how neuromodulators change neuron function, especially within the context of sex differences. We particularly focus upon the actions of steroid sex hormones, and a brain region called the striatum.

In the lab, we combine multiple approaches, including electrophysiology and modern cellular/molecular neuroscience techniques. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, and students are encouraged to build upon their previous experience and training to pursue both collaborative and individual projects within the overall framework of the laboratory.

Potential graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to contact Dr. Meitzen directly. Graduate students can join our laboratory via the Masters or Ph.D. program in Biological Sciences or Molecular Biomedical Sciences.

We are also affiliated with the Center for Human Health and the Environment and the Comparative Medicine Institute.

Contact Us:

All inquiries about the lab, our research or general inquiries are encouraged to contact Dr. Meitzen directly.